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The real end of the world

Why should you travel to Navario Island and discover the true end of the world?

There is a place where very few have arrived, of unique and pristine beauty. A territory crossed by pioneers and adventurers in search of new routes, where the human footprint often sets foot for the first time. Beyond Cape Froward, where the continental shelf ends, the surface breaks up into islands and channels. It is time to fly over the Strait of Magellan to enter the inhospitable and extensive island of Tierra del Fuego, on the way to our final destination. From the small window of the plane you can see endless expanses of land and mountains, small lakes between snow-capped peaks. In less than an hour Isla Navarino welcomes us and its imposing teeth. Time has stopped. Further south of the antagonistic Ushuaia, the city of Puerto Williams, the penultimate bastion inhabited by Chileans, fades at the foot of Cerro Bandera in front of the Beagle Channel. Quiet and in constant movement, it does not leave you indifferent. We tasted the southernmost beer, enjoyed the crab and sat down to read in the port cafe. You feel special. The journey to the true end of the world has just begun.

The true end of the world is in Chile
Navarino Island. Chilean Magallanes and Antarctica Region

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