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"An exceptional program that seeks to rediscover Barcelona through its most authentic essence"



Barcelona is imposed as a cosmopolitan city and  modernist that has seen in recent years all its attractions were enhanced by attracting  tourists from all over the world. Great avenues combine with  narrow streets in the older parts, creating a harmony that is part of its success.


Probably one of its great attractions is being able to walk through its neighborhoods and soak up its culture and daily life. From the upper part of the city, to the foot of the sea. From the neighborhood  from  Funny,  The Borne  with its winding streets,  the popular Raval or the unmissable Barceloneta.



The Mediterranean essence is present in each of the vertices of the city. In its architecture, in its way of dressing, interacting and, above all, eating. The diet  Mediterranean finds in Barcelona an unbeatable offer that is savored in small bars or large restaurants.

Viajes a medida en españa
Viajes a medida en españa
Viajes a medida en españa
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